Lagaligo Museum

Lagaligo museum is located inside Fort Rotterdam in Makassar. Build in classic style, the name Lagaligo is taken from that of a famous writer from South Sulawesi.

Lagaligo museum was founded by the Dutch in 1938 as Celebes Museum, with Mr. Nees as the head. The museum, taking up a total area of 2,211 m²,  was the former home of Cornelis Speelman.

There you can learn the history of South Sulawesi people through 5,000 historical exhibits. They include:

  • Black and white vintage photos. 
  • Traditional boats, such as the famed Bugis Phinisi, and replicas of traditional houses in South Sulawesi.
  • Pre-historic items such as fossils, rocks, sculptures and other archaeological items found in the region.
  • Weaving tools and fabrics, agricultural products, and traditional costumes from the major South Sulawesi tribes of the Buginese, Makassarese, Mandarese and Torajanese.
  • Ceramic and coin collections; evidence of historical links between the region and other civilizations such as China.
  • Mockup of the Fort Rotterdam. 

Operating hours:
Everyday: 08.00 – 15.30

Visitor need to pay a token amount before entering the museum.



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